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15 May, 2017

GUEST POST: Top 10 Facts About Lagos You Dont Know.

GUEST POST: Top 10 Facts About Lagos You Dont Know.

This is a guest post from Adekoya Damylare CEO at Naijalarry Blog
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Lagos or Lasgidi, Lagosians can
totally relate to the fact that thee
hustle and bustle in Lagos is real and
Lagosians have grown the strength to
accommodate the rigors that come
with it. De Citadel has observed 10
very funny things about Lagos that
we want to share with you in this

1. Almost all Lagos girls are fair
Thought we are African, kilode ten
bora,why you dey bleach up yr skin

2. Landlords make life unbearable. Cos
they have no chill when it comes to
house rent payment.
They be asking for their rent 2 years
before it even expires and be
increasing it every other year.

3. Danfo drivers are never wrong
Even when they hit you from behind,
its your fault.

4. Agberos and touts have more power
than some state governors
Don’t want to dare these guys.

5. Upcoming artistes must come to Lagos
to blow
Ask Ice prince, MI, Psquare and

6. Its easier to buy a plot of land else
where in Nigeria than fix your hair at
Ikeja, Surulere or Island, you will start
hearing prices like #120k for an hairdo,
na Jesus hair she use?

7.Sports betting shops pay more youths
than government ,for confirmation
check any bet9a shop, lolz
Guys would rather crowd sports
betting shops to make their first one
million than look for actual jobs.

8. Every party or carnival on your street
is a potential lunch and dinner date/
opportunity for many Lagos guys
So you rock your best owambe outfit
and dash out.

9. 95 percent of salaries are spent on
transport and feeding
House rent is another matter.

10.Most guys who haven’t made it big
will claim to be on the street
Streets ti take over…

Yeah, am a lagosian and every word written up is absolutely true, if you stay in Lagos you should relate to such.

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