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20 May, 2017

Facebook Ads And Google Adsense. What You Must Know.

Facebook Ads And Google Adsense. What You Must Know.

Good day my lovely viewers.

Google Adsense is a top leading advertising network which allows publishers to earn revenue for placing specific ads on his or her website.

Facebook ads is a platform that allows users to get a targeted number of audience in other to get traffic or attention..

We all know that Facebook ads is very affordable and bloggers has use the medium to get traffic. 
We all know adsence policies does not permit unusual activities on your blog or website. So the big question is....
'Will I get banned if I use Facebook ads'?

This question is mostly asked by newbie bloggers or amateur with adsence, I can bet most bloggers are still confused about this. Read on to know the answer to this.....

The big answer is
NO!!! adsence don't ban publishers for using Facebook ads but be careful because you have high chances of getting banned, this is what you should do.
When you want to use Facebook ads, don't place too much ads on your blog, at least two is okay in a page, if they are much, surely adsence will ban you. So take note.

Now you have seen the answer to the biggest question asked by bloggers. Adsence really pay but you need to work hard before been paid.

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11 May, 2017

How To Disable Copy And paste On Your Blog Posts.

How To Disable Copy And paste On Your Blog Posts.

Good day my lovely viewers.

It's looks annoying when someone works up one morning, visit your blog post and copy a particular unique post that took you time to write and paste it in his blog and rank better in Google search results. Example of such blogger is vibertechs .com.

I made series of research and came Across the best way to prevent such illicit act, all you need to do is to follow the steps below and you will achieve your aim.


1. Sign into your blogger account by going to

2. Click on layout.

3. Click on add widget (it can be added anywhere).

4. Click on add html or JavaScript.

5. Now paste this code in there:

 <!- START disable copy paste --><script src='demo-to-prevent-copy-paste-on-blogger_files/googleapis.js'></script><script type='text/javascript'> if(typeof document.onselectstart!="undefined" ) {document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false" ); } else{document.onmousedown=new Function ("return false" );document.onmouseup=new Function ("return false"); } </script><!-- End disable copy paste -->

6. Save and view your blog, you will notice that the copy and paste function will be disabled.

So you can see how to disable copy and paste function on your blog. As easy as that, don't let your blog rank last in Google search.

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29 April, 2017

Best android apps to spice up your blogging career

Best android apps to spice up your blogging career

Good day my lovely viewers.

Blogging without a laptop or a desktop can make your blogging Carrere stressful and annoying especially editing the template, updating post, putting pics at desired places, placing of ads codes etc. If you don’t have a pc don’t panic because am listing the top blogging android apps that can spice up your blogging Carrere and these apps are completely free so just sit back and relax while I list the apps.


==> Simple Note apk
An app that allows you type a note. I use this to type my blog posts, as the name implies, it is simple and understandable, colors are supported. Download simple Note apk here

==>ES file Explorer
        You may ask, what can i use this app to do, well you can use it to edit your blogger template. We all know that Chrome browser can't edit your blogger template, but this app can. Backup your template an

   For me this is the best, ajust image to desired places, update posts, delete comments, and lots more. Download here
So you can make your choice, for me I love blogit.

So you can see the best app to spice your blogging career, even though you don't have a laptop, these apps are useful.

Do you encounter and any problem trying to download the apps or trying to setup? Make you comment fast and 

Happy blogging!!!!

02 April, 2017

How to know if your blog or website is safe or not.

How to know if your blog or website is safe or not.

Good day my lovely viewers.

If you are a blogger or a website owner, it is important to know if your website is safe or not. 

A website may contain harmful contents which the owner may not know, but today I will show you how to know if your website is safe or not, follow the steps.


1. Lunch any browser of your choice.

2. Go to Google official safe browsing site by clicking HERE. or you Google "Safe browsing"

3. Scroll down and input your website URL 

4. Click on submit, and it will display if your website is safe or not 

So with this simple steps you can now check the safety of your blog or website 


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12 March, 2017

How to get approved on Adsense within a week.

How to get approved on Adsense within a week.

Good day my lovely viewers.

We all know that Adsense is the advertising network, but when it comes to applying and get approved, that were problem comes in. 

These days, it's takes Adsense up to 1month to review your application which can be frustrating. 
I will be showing you how to get approved within a week, you don't need to stay up to a month.

Follow the simple steps below and trust me, Adsense will approve you.


1. Firstly, you need create a new google account known as Gmail​ using USA or UK as location for fast approval.

2. Sign in to via the new Gmail that was created.

3. Click the three horizontal red lines at the top left of the YouTube desktop page and click "My Channel".


4. Create a new channel with the name you want and when you are done with channel name, click "CREATE CHANNEL".

5. Channel will be created and you will be redirected to a page where you can upload or view your videos. You can create videos or leave it like that, it will be better you create your first video.

6. Click "Video Manager" and you will see some tabs automatically arranged vertically. Click "CHANNEL" and them "Enable" Monetization in the YouTube "Status and Features".

7. Another pages opens saying :Your account is not enabled for monetization. Enabling your account allows you to monetize your videos. You should have at least one video approved for monetization which makes you a YouTube partner. Here click "Enable My Account"  to enable Monetization for your YouTube videos.

8. Agree with YouTube terms and tick the three options and click "I accept".

9. Go back to "Channel" > click"Monetization" and click on “How will I be paid”? ==>  Associate an Adsense account.

10. You will be redirected to create a new Adsense account. Fill the form accordingly, ensuring you fill in real name (payee name) and address.Once you have completed this process, you will be redirected back to YouTube. 

Now, wait for at least 4 days interval and check your mail, you will get an approval message.

Hurray, you gotten an Adsense account, did it work for you??
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