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26 May, 2017

Top 5 Games For Your Android Devices 2017

Top 5 Games For Your Android Devices 2017

Good day my lovely viewers.

Do you love playing games, are you looking for the top Android Games for your device then you are in the right blog. Am listing top 5 Android Games for your device 2017.

These games are mostly played by people and surely these games are the best of all, so make sure you have enough data because these games are high in data.


1. PES 2017

Football lovers, PES 2017 for Android is finally out, so many new features has been added, the amazing thing is that it's an offline game.


You love racing? This game is perfect for you. Asphalt nitro is as small as 33mb worth of data, no obb.


Though not in PLAYSTORE yet but already online. You love combats game? Shadow fight is here for you.


GTA is one of the best adventure games, you love city games then go for GTA .


Another game like GTA but in a military form. Adventure in all ways.

So you can see the top 5 games for your Android devices 2017, you need enough storage memory to play these games also Ram.

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13 April, 2017

How To Download Facebook Videos For Free.

How To Download Facebook Videos For Free.

Good day my lovely viewers.

Have you ever wanted to download a video from Facebook but you finding it difficult?
No more worries because am going to show you how you can download Facebook videos via an app called video downloader for Facebook.

Video Downloader for Facebook is the easiest Video Downloader app to download and save videos from Facebook.

Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to browse your news feed and your friends/pages walls to select the video you want to download and save them so you can watch it later and share it with your friends via different apps.


Download video downloader for Facebook here.

1. Click on Browse Facebook.

2. Login and browse your wall.

3. Play the video you want to download.

4. Click yes to download video.

That's all, you can now download Facebook videos for free, no much stress.

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12 April, 2017

Fastest Browser For Android Devices. Check Out!

Fastest Browser For Android Devices. Check Out!

Good day my lovely viewers.

My friend's phone uses a 2g network and he complains more about slow network, I made my research on the fastest browser for Android device and I came across one ''Puffin browser'' this browser is wicked fast. I tried it on 2g and it's seems I was using a 4g phone.

Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast mobile browser. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Web Browser includes Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud 24/7 now without additional in-app-purchase. 💯

🚀 Wicked Fast: Puffin speeds up mobile browsing by shifting the workload from the resource-limited devices to the cloud servers, and resource-demanding webpages can run super-fast on your phones or tablets.


🔒 Cloud Protection: All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server are encrypted, a protection from nearby hackers. It’s safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Puffin, but not safe at all for most browsers. 

🎥 The Latest Flash: We keep improving our cloud servers, and provide the latest version of the Flash player over the cloud.

💰 Save your bandwidth: Puffin uses proprietary compression algorithm to transmit web data to your device, and it can save up to 90% of your bandwidth on regular web browsing. (Please be noted that streaming Flash content or videos requires more bandwidth than the normal usage.)

☆ Incredible page load and rendering speed
☆ Adobe Flash support over cloud during the daytime (also works on Android 4.4 )
☆ Download to cloud (up to 1G per file)
☆ Theater mode for Flash videos and games
☆ Virtual trackpad and gamepad
☆ Add-on functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, translator and more)
☆ Color theme for toolbar and sidebar 
☆ Fastest JavaScript engine
☆ Full web experience (desktop and mobile view)
☆ Incognito tab: Auto-clean your browsing activities in the app.

And so many other features, this browser is the best browser for Android device, it's wicked fast truly.


You can download it by clicking HERE.

It's up to you, am a witness.
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30 March, 2017

How to turn your photo into a beautiful Art work

How to turn your photo into a beautiful Art work

Good day my lovely viewers.

If you are looking for a way to beautify your photo or to turn it into an art work, I think you are in right place.

I will be showing you a way to turn your photo into a beautiful art work, just follow the steps below.


1. First, download the latest version of Prisma HERE.

2. Lunch the app(it's uses data to work)

3. Select the photo you want and select from the list below.

4. Though there are so many of them, select the one that suits you.

5. Wait for some seconds(Depends on your network speed).

6. Watch your photo turning into a beautiful art work.

As simple as that, you can easily turn your photo into an art work with just these steps 


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13 March, 2017

Download Buhari app for free.

Download Buhari app for free.

Good day my lovely viewers.

Buhari app has been lunched and the purpose of the app is meant to keep Nigerians updated on activities of Buhari led administration although it has generated mixed reactions from Nigerians both home and in the diaspora.


1. This unique app will put an end to the misrepresentation and dissemination of falsehood on activities the Buhari-led government.

2. It will help Nigerians monitor the activities of the present government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

3. With this app, you can get to know what is happening in Nigeria from anywhere in the world.

4. This information dissemination app was developed by Olawole Falope.

5. The Resident Information Officers (RIOs) from ministries, departments and agencies would be the one that would feed the app with stories.

6. This new app will go on hand held devices.

7. It would function 24/7 all year round.


Download from play store HERE.

Download Jeftech mobile app HERE

Join our whatsapp group HERE

So what do you think about this app??
Is this a step to end recession??
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09 March, 2017

Download Gbwhatsapp latest version for free.

Download Gbwhatsapp latest version for free.

Good day my lovely viewers.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of modded WhatsApp, I can say that GB WhatsApp still remain the best. 

It's features are attracting, you can run up to three account using GB WhatsApp, colorful themes, great user interface and so on.


.*The possibility of hiding to appear

*. Privacy options

*. The possibility to distinguish between collective messages and regular 

*. Possibility of a lock for Watts in August password 

*. The possibility of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB

*. The possibility of sending an audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB 

*. The possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10.

*. Possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols 

*. The possibility of pressure on the links with out storing the message sender or the number of the owner

*. Counter statistics for groups

*.View the media without loading

*. The possibility to hide the name and the date when copying two or more 

*. The possibility of copying case

*. The possibility of changing the form of the program, and change the program icon and notices.

Just to list the few.


Download GB WhatsApp apk HERE!!

Download Jeftech mobile app HERE!!

Click HERE to join our whatsapp group

So how did you see the latest version of GB WhatsApp?
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06 February, 2017

Download Jeftech Mobile App Free

Download Jeftech Mobile App Free

Good day my lovely viewers.

We are pleased to announce to you that Jeftech Mobile app is finally out. It's took us time to actually develop this app for everyone of us to enjoy. 

The app contains the following features

==> Instant updates on Jeftech blog
==> Notifications for new post 
==> Great user interface
==> Fast and easy 
==> Doesn't take much of your RAM
==> Less than 12mb in size 
==> You can switch themes
==>And lots more.....

When MTN cheat came up, people were lately informed and the cheat was blocked immediately. So do well to download the app for your own benefits and get notified on latest cheats and tech updates. 


Download Jeftech Mobile app HERE!!!

If you have any issues with the app, do well to let us know am ready to answer.


NAME : Jeftech


PHONE(whatsapp): 08038240240

Thank you for downloading

04 February, 2017

Download PES 2017 apk and obb free

Download PES 2017 apk and obb free

Good day my lovely viewers.

So many peope have been looking for a good site to download PES 2017, since most of them find it difficult to download from Google play store. Today, am going to be showing you how to downoad and install PES 17  with ease. 

This version of PES contains all the necessary features you need in the game, features like, you can transfer new players, moderate size game, multiplayer mode enabed and so many interesting features.


1. Enough data volume of at least   1.5gb

2. Enough storage memory

3. Fast internet service 


PES 17 apk


Download here

PES 17 Obb


Download here


Download Pes 17Apk and Obb Data file from the links provided above

Extract theObb data using RAR For Android or Es file Xplorer

Now, Open the DATA folder and copy "com.konamiproduction.pes17" folder to Android / Data

Open the OBB folder and copy"com.konamiproduction.pes17" folder to Android / OBB

Finally, Install the apk file, after successful installation, you can start to enjoy your game on your Android phone.

So you can now enjoy your game, did you find any difficulty in installing the game? Drop your comments below.

29 January, 2017

Eight tricks of Facebook Messenger you don't know

Eight tricks of Facebook Messenger you don't know

Good day my lovely viewers.
There is probably no android user that has a Facebook account and don't have messenger.
Messenger, one is the most popular app on Google play store with more than 10million downloads.

When using the app, there are some tricks you need to know which I listed some of them below.

1. Share Your Location
Just like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger app also allows you to share your GPS location with your friends. On the chat screen, you need to tap the gray square icon with three dots and tap Share Location. It is situated on the bottom right of the screen above the thumbs up button

2. Change colors
You can set custom colors for different chats in your Messenger app. On the chat screen, tap the ‘i’ button on the top right and tap Colors. Other than individual people,you can also change the color for group chats

3. Mute Messenger Notifications
There are times when you get annoyed with the constant sound of notifications from your friends, sometimes in the case of family groups on Messenger. You can mute the notifications in the messenger app for individual friends and groups. Tap the ‘i’ button and tap Notifications, select the mute time accordingly.

4. Use Messenger without a Facebook account
You don’t want to exist on the Facebook social network but still want to connect with your friends? Just like WhatsApp, Google Duo, and other messaging apps, you can use Facebook Messenger using your mobile number.

5. Nicknames
You don’t address many people with their formal names. Mostly, your cousins, siblings,and close friends. You can use those nicknames in the Messenger app too. You can find the Nicknames option after tapping the “i” button
.6. Talk to more than one people at a time

Once you create a group in Messenger, you can chat with many people at a time. You can also make a voice call to people present in a group. Tap the phone icon on the chat screen and choose the name you want to include in the Group call. You can also call different people who are not in the same group by tapping the Group Call option under the phone icon on Messenger’s main screen 

7. Apps for Messenger
Messenger is a budding platform of communication features, it also offers integration with many apps like Dropbox, Tumblr, Giphy, etc. Tap the button having three dots and choose from the list of apps you want to integrate with Messenger.

8. Chat with the bots
There are times when you want to have a talk but none of your friends is available on Messenger. Now, you don’t have to wait for them to come online as you can have a conversation with chat bots. Other than simple chatting, bots can tell you about recipes, nutrition facts, jokes, etc. You can find many of them on platforms like BotArena .

So you can see some of the tricks you don't know. Feel free to apply them on your messenger.
If you have any other trick, feel free to add them.

10 January, 2017

How to how have double social account running on one android phone

How to how have double social account running on one android phone

Good day my lovely viewers

Have you ever wanted to have double account for your popular social networks? But you are finding it difficult to do so?
Well don't worry because am going to teach you how to have double account for any social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, twiter etc. So just sit back, relax, and read on while I state the steps on how to have double account.


1. Download app cloner here 
2. Lunch the app 
3. Look for your desired app(I used Facebook lite for example)
4. Click on it 

Read also: How to watch Dstv and gotv channels for free.

5. You will see various options but the most important option is for you to change the color of the icon and probably the name in order for you not to confuse will your previous app.
6. After that, click on the blue circle mark 
7. Wait for the app to clone 
8. Install the cloned app and starting flexing.

Note: You can have up to 5 different account running on the same phone if at all you have up to 5 different account. Also this can work for apparently 95% of all apps including some games.

So you can now have double account or even more for any social networks by just following the simple steps above.

If you have any complaints or maybe you finding it difficult to set up kindly comment below and click here if you don't know how to comment.

20 December, 2016

How To Watch Dstv, Gotv Channels For Free!!

How To Watch Dstv, Gotv Channels For Free!!

Good day lovely viewers 

Watching of TV stations is what spice of life. You may sometimes get bored by your local TV stations which you may end up getting a third party decoder like DStv, GOtv, Startimes, and many more. Not only that, you will also need to pay monthly to watch your favorite channels. There may be a time which you may not have the financial capability to renew your subscription and you really need to watch your favorites shows.

Don’t worry cause today am going to show you how to watch DStv, GOtv channels for FREE, yeah you heard me for FREE, you don’t need to pay a dim to watch any channel, it is completely free of charge. Read the requirements below

1. A compatible android phone
 2. A phone that supports 3G/4G LTE 

 3. Reasonable amount of data 


Download Mobdro android app here and start watching up to 500 channels for free.(use this etisalat free browsing cheat to watch these channels free) You will get to watch channels like NAT geo wild, CCTV, MTV base, Sony Max, FOX tv and many more. 
So what are you waiting for, download the app and start watching for free.

05 December, 2016

Request for any android apps, games, obb, apks and it will be sent to you

Request for any android apps, games, obb, apks and it will be sent to you

Good day my lovely viewer. It’s a new month with new freebies, congrats to those that won free airtime being the first to read my posts. Do you need any android apps, games, obb, apks and you finding it difficult to download it, well worry not just request for any of them in the comment box and it will be sent to you, pls include your email address and also refresh this post to see the response to your request or you check your mail

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Start ordering now!!!!!!

25 November, 2016

Top 5 websites that can help you develop android apps for free

Top 5 websites that can help you develop android apps for free

Good day my lovely viewers.
Have you ever wanted to develop an android app without coding? Maybe you probably  not good in java and other programming languages and you are in need for an android app for your blog, business, organization etc, don’t panic because am here to show you the top 5 websites that can actually help you develop android app for free without coding and you can also  make massive money from it.
Just relax and read on.


ü  Appsgeyser
This is a top leading website that helps you develop android apps
·         Very fast
·         No coding or special skill requires
·         Helps create app for blog, wordpress and websites 
·         Great user interface
·         Easy steps to upload on Google play store
·         And lots more…….
ü   Androidcreator
·         Admob ads support
·         Helps create apps for blogs, wordpress and websites
·         Chat system available
·         Notification system available
·         Able to send unlimited messages to users
·         And lots more
·         For organization and business only
ü Appyet
FEATURES (my best)
·         Apps for blogs and websites
·         Admob ads support
·         Notification system
·         Slider bar
·         News feed
·         Comment system
·         And lots more…….

ü  Appinventor (by Google)

·         Drag and drop feature
·         Admob support
·         Grate user interface
·         Notification system
·         News feed
·         And lots more
Sharing is sexy

  So you can select your choice, if you have any problem or questions drop your comments don’t forget we are rewarding top commentators every month so what does it take you to comment on every single post on this blog?

12 October, 2016

How Whatsapp make their money without adverts

How Whatsapp make their money without adverts

Good day my lovely viewers.

A lot of people don’t know how the most powerful social media Whatsapp make their money. And it is so obvious that the proposed social media does not contain any advert also known as ads such as Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. Actually this is the first powerful app that contains no ads being that ads is the only way android developers get their money other means may not pay that much like ads.
Whatsapp which has over 1billion users worldwide and expected to contain some ads which till today it has no advert. But today am exposing the secrete behind Whatsapp I.e. the secrete behind their massive income.

Now when we chat we consume data when we send images we consume data when we send documents, videos, apps etc these consumes data these data is being converted to physical money how? It might be that 1kb=0.001$ now when you use 10mb your network provider e.g. MTN airtel will first take their share then the reaming will go to Whatsapp. This is the first way they make their money

Do you know that Whatsapp is not free in some countries forget the fact that we Nigerians are enjoying Whatsapp for free countries like India pay 1$ per year to renew their account and if there are about 1million people using Whatsapp in India you know how much Whatsapp will make a year and it’s not only India that pays per year other countries do also.

Now in Google play store there is a certain amount of downloads you will reach and Google starts paying you actually the number of downloads is 500,000—1,000,000 downloads then Google start paying you. This is apparently a way Whatsapp make their money.
So you now know how Whatsapp make their money. Your friends don’t why don’t you share to your friends. If you have other means they get their money use comment box.

13 August, 2016