28 May, 2017

Mtn Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2017.

Good day my lovely viewers.

​​Here we go again guys mtn N0.00 via SYPHON APP.​​

Lets Now talk about the MTN free browsing.

 Its is unlimited and free but it has a disadvantage > it doesn't  support all apps, in the sence that it's sim selective 😭

But take advantage and try for youself and see if you are randomly selected to gain access to it......It's not a new free browsing.....its an old tweak that doesnt want to give up . 

Its MTN DATA RESET. But some configurationvhas been made and its more stable and doesn't connect and disconnects immediately....

if it does...then it means it doesn't  support your sim. 

So follow my settings as seen below>>>>>


Download synphone handler HERE.

Set the handler menu setting it as follows»

 Tick/mark remove port option

» Proxy Type Should be Dual Real Host

» Proxy Server: datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring

» Real Proxy Type: HTTP

» Port : 80

»Click OK , a pop up will appear with two options down below it Click the one With"Tunnel Whole Device" .

» Now click on more options then click connect through http

»Now insert host address:

»Port 8080

»Then select any proxy servers and connect fast!

Like I said earlier that it's doesn't work for all, do give it a trial. Share your testimonies. Do well to share to others.




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