20 May, 2017

Facebook Ads And Google Adsense. What You Must Know.

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Google Adsense is a top leading advertising network which allows publishers to earn revenue for placing specific ads on his or her website.

Facebook ads is a platform that allows users to get a targeted number of audience in other to get traffic or attention..

We all know that Facebook ads is very affordable and bloggers has use the medium to get traffic. 
We all know adsence policies does not permit unusual activities on your blog or website. So the big question is....
'Will I get banned if I use Facebook ads'?

This question is mostly asked by newbie bloggers or amateur with adsence, I can bet most bloggers are still confused about this. Read on to know the answer to this.....

The big answer is
NO!!! adsence don't ban publishers for using Facebook ads but be careful because you have high chances of getting banned, this is what you should do.
When you want to use Facebook ads, don't place too much ads on your blog, at least two is okay in a page, if they are much, surely adsence will ban you. So take note.

Now you have seen the answer to the biggest question asked by bloggers. Adsence really pay but you need to work hard before been paid.

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