02 November, 2016

Scientist set to produce Sex robots to replace humans(photos)

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Hmmm wonders shall never end, scientist want to use technology to mesmerize this world. The other day it was a man who married his smart phone now scientist has produced a Sex robot that is an alternative to human beings.
According to Futurologist Ian Pearson, sex robots will overtake human beings and this sex robot will kick off by 2025 and reports has said that the future of sex has been published in partnership with Bondra, one of the UK’s top leading sex toy shop and apparently by 2030 virtual sex will become more common as browsing porn sites and by the year 2035 a lot will have toys that can communicate with them virtually.


As at the tear 2015 some high income groups has started using sex robot before the practice will overtake humans by the 2050. According to the scientist he said people may find it difficult to adapt but eventually they will embrace it just as they embraced porn, when the feel and look of robot is improved.

This sex robot has the ability to give enough pleasure just as human do and apparently does not have the power to get a woman pregnant, it’s just pleasure since humans are used to porn videos and have been willing to practice it, sex robot is here for them as stated by the scientist. These robots are made for women alone. No female sex robots.

Hmm, I totally don’t agree with this so called scientist at all. Do you agree?
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